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Even God has a Sense of Humor

God was in the process of creating the universe. And he was explaining to his subordinates ‘Look everything should be in balance. For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion. Look here my fellow angels, here is the country of the United States . I have blessed them with prosperity and money. But at the same time I have given them insecurity and tension…. And here is Africa . I have given them beautiful nature. But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes. And here is South America . I have given them lots of forests. But at the same time, I have given them lesser land so that they would have to cut off the forests… So you see fellows, everything should be in balance.’

One of the angels asked…

‘God, what is this extremely beautiful country here?’


God said……… ‘Ahah…that is the crown piece of all. ‘ INDIA ‘, my most precious creation. It has understanding and friendly People, Sparkling streams and serene mountains, a culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live, technologically brilliant and with a heart of gold…..

The angel was quite surprised: ‘But god you said everything should be in balance.’

God replied – ‘Look at the neighbors I gave them.’

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Whats been going on since the partition is extremely sad.  Both sides are to blame for but Pakistan have been frustrating for India more than India being for Pak.   The problem is that they have a feeling Kashmir was snatched away forcefully cos @ the time of partition Kashmir wanted to be independent & India forced them to join India.  Now Pak has got 1/3 of Kashmir, China has got 1/3 & the rest is a mess with the military living around some handful of residents!  The recent elections in J & K have silenced the Paki media.. Which is unknown in India, but I feel it must be as rubbish & full of crap as in India, so I don’t care what the media feels / portrays.


What I do feel bad is the government of Pak, is always lying.  Islamic Republic of Pakistan?? I guess its time for a change in name.. “Napaak”-istan yahi sahi naam hai in logo ke liye.  Their military is a terrorist organization.. Nothing less than Israel / USA.

Lashkar, Hizbul, ISI, Dawood, Jamaat ud daava.. etc.. this is the Pak military.. sick isn’t it?

& the ministers are saying we are prepared for war & all Pakistanis will fight till their last breath… are u gone nuts u foolish creatures? WAR will only destroy & it will destroy Pakistan completely & India to some extend.  Pak has got to get bombed this time it seems like they want it now… Indias ManMohan Singh is too mild a person to lead a country like India.  Which is even more frustating for the youth like me.. cos I feel a professor is the leader of my country.. how the hell can he save us???

Indian army has done its part in increasing the hatred amongst the Pakistanis by killing the innocent youth from Kashmir & claiming them to be Terrorists.. Also by sheltering Modi, Advani, Bal Thackerey, RSS, VHP.. etc, we cant expect Pak to release Dawood & Masood Azhar.  I believe in justice.. “Akbar style”  koi bi galat ho usko pakadna chahiye.. This means India has to gear up to get rid of these villains & say look Pak we are getting rid of them so now yr turn…. This insanity of goonda raj has to end.  Otherwise people like me.. when we lose our jobs(due to recession) will create a “Krantikari group”  & get rid of all the villains..  Do something someone & fast.

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Khuda ki kasam

“Khuda ki kasam, hum mohabbat ke dushman nahi hai, magar apne usoolo ke ghulam hai” this dialogue from Mughal-e-Azam is my favourite.. it depicts the character of Akbar. Its not easy to be a person like Akbar.. I appreciate the way he stood by his principles. Some other dialogues from the classic film are : “Anarkali, Salim ki mohabbat tumhe marne nahin degi aur hum tumhe jeene nahin…” I like this one a lot as well – Shahensha Akbar – “Hamara Hindustan koi tumhara dil nahin hai laundi jispar hukumat kare ” Shehzada Salim – “Toh mera dil bhi aapka Hindusthan nahin hai, jo aap uspar hukumat kare” The intensity between Dilip Kumar & Prithvi Raj Kapoor is amazing.. especially the scene in which Madhubala faints in Salims arms when Akbar sees them both together, theres no dialogue said but the direction is so marvelous that a lot is said just by the expressions of the actors, thats something to learn from for the current breed of directors who are completely crap. This film was an epic and will remain so forever.. cant beat the hardwork & efforts put in by everyone for more than a decade just for 1 film!!

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Quick Preparation to Welcome Ramzaan.

Assalamu Alaikum.. Wa’Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

A Quick preparation for RAMZAAN

1. Start reading Quran daily after Salat al-Fajr.

2. Spend some time listening to recitations from the Quran.

3. Train yourself to go bed early so that you can wake up for Salat al-Fajr.

4. Keep yourself in a state of Wudu (Ablution) most of the time.

5. Evaluate yourself daily before going bed.

6. Thank Allah for good deeds, and repent to Him for your mistakes and sins.

7. Start giving Sadaqah daily, no matter how little. Make it a habit like eating and drinking.

8. Find time to pray extras, such as Tahajjud prayers.

9. Spend more time reading Islamic books, especially the Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh.

10. Find time to help others with your wisdom, knowledge and other talents.

11. Try to write articles on Islam for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.

12. Associate with Muslim scholars / ulama and other pious people so that you may learn from them.

13. Train yourself to do good, render free service to others to seek the pleasure of Allah.


What to avoid : 

1. Avoid/reduce watching TV/Online Movies etc.; instead spend more time reading the Quran and other Islamic literature.

2. Avoid looking at unlawful pictures, whether magazines, department store catalogs or otherwise.

3. Spend free time in Masjid, Islamic organizations and make that a daily habit.

4 . If you smoke, try to reduce daily usage; otherwise Ramadan will be very difficult for you to observe.

5 . If you have friends who do not practice the teaching of Islam, try to avoid socializing with them.

6 . If you travel a lot on business, try to do more local business, so you can be more closer to your family and community.

7 . If you are used to staying up till midnight, try to go to bed earlier, so that you will be able to wake up early for Salat al-Fajr and Tahajjud prayers as well.

To prepare ourselves before the month of Ramadan arrives is far better than waiting till it comes. To prepare ourselves for anything in life is a sign of wisdom and maturity. No one is assured of living one day more; tomorrow may not come. So hurry and benefit from blessings and rewards from Allah.

Remember: “Time is not money or gold; it is life itself and is limited. You must begin to appreciate every moment of your life and always strive to make the best use of it.”


A Quick Checklist

1. Make a resolve to win the maximum favor of Allah by performing extra Voluntary prayers (Nawaafil), making frequent Dua and increased remembrance (Dhikr).

2. Try to recite some Holy Quran after every Prayer. In fact if you read 3-4 pages after every Prayer you can easily finish the entire Quran in Ramadan!

3. Study the Tafseer (commentary) every morning.

4. Invite a person you are not very close with or your relatives to your home for Iftaar, at least once a week (Weekend). You will notice the blessings in your relationships!

5. Bring life to your family! Everyday, try to conclude the fast with your family and spend some quality time together to understand each other better.

6. Give gifts on Eid to at least 5 people: 2 to your family members, 2 to your good friends, and 1 to a person whom you love purely for the sake of Allah.

7. Make commitment to join Islamic study circles to learn more about Islam and improve your own life.

8. Donate generously to the Masjid, Islamic organizations, and any where people are in need or oppressed. “Because Ramadan, is a month of sharing!”

9. Share month of Ramadan and its teachings of peace and patience with your neighbours.

10. Sleep little, eat little! Make sure you do not defeat the purpose of fasting by over-indulging in food and being lazy.

11. Seek the rare and oft-neglected rewards of the night better than 1000 months (Laylatul-Qadr / Shab-e-Qadr).

12. Weep in private for the forgiveness of your sins: Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and Allah’s Mercy! It’s never too late.

13. Learn to control your tongue and lower your gaze. Remember the Prophet’s (pbuh) warning that lying, backbiting, and a lustful gaze all violate the Ramadan fast!

14. Encourage others to enjoin and love goodness, and to abandon everything that Allah dislikes. Play the role of a Da’ee (one who invites to Allah) with zeal, passion, and sympathy.

15. Experience the joy of Tahajjud prayers late at night and devote yourself purely and fully to Allah in the Itikaf retreat during the last 10 days of Ramadan





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Typical Software Engineer

Ive been working as a software engineer for the last 4 years and what ive noticed is that most of us have common ideas.  We all prefer to do a survey on the net n then go out to the market!  If were going to some new place, we use google maps to find out the route~ Basically we rely on the net to give us a picture of what we are going in for.. guess what, it does help a lot.  Theres practically everything on the net these days… if u don’t find it on wikipedia, its gonna be there on some1s blog..  even the local marwadi kirana walas info is there on the net.. aur kya chahiye. Just keep googling and youll get a lotta info.. I do read a lot on the net and I keep telling my sister what I read n share the knowledge (atleast I feel I get wiser when I read something 😉 ) She thought ive started to take interest in reading books !!! & she gifted me a 1000 Rs voucher of a popular bookstore.  I somehow managed to find a remote controlled car in that budget!  She told me im crazy to buy a toy from a bookstore n I said she was crazy to think id buy something to read..  My grand-dad was a principal of Anglo Urdu school in Poona and my dad was a journalist @ Khaleej Times.. so I do have a legacy which should make me read.. I don’t read novels, only the newspaper (for a couple of hrs) and some technology magazines / readers digest.  But I do read extensively on the net… ive read a lot about the Mughals and Tipu Sultan and about Afghanistan.  I love these topics.. just keep getting more n more info everytime I read it!  Getting back to the topic.. what I meant to say is that most software guys are typical stereotypes .. at times mechanical. Its very common for us to use a calc for doing 2*2 it happens all the time.  Ive also tried to use the search option while reading the news paper, especially when it’s a huge topic~


Hmm but theres nothing wrong in it, its funny & can seem stupid to people from other professions.  Ab aise hi hai bhai kya kare !

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Im back to being Assem!

Finally ive got back to being the person I was..  now I got time !!! for all frnds family everyone, it was nice to be busy for a while and people in my family couldn’t understand why I didn’t get time all of a sudden – well I was busy with office work that’s it but its unusal for me and more so for the people around me, specially my family.  My mom can understand but the others.. well its ok they never thot id ever get busy 🙂 haha strange na, I am like that, I do what I want when I want.  I cant be dictated / commanded.. so its good im not in the army, sab gadbad ho jata nahi to.

Ive resolved to write smaller posts of late, but ill write something interesting soon, nothing sensational just some plain n simple posts, which are extremely glamorous haha just kidding.  I am frank n I say what I feel is right n ive never been wrong so far.  Once my aunt told me her daughters were going for a personality development class so even I should be going to 1. She said it brought a lotta change in her daughters n she felt itll help me as well.  I was a kid then, but I told her “Your daughters need a personality development class, but I dont” – she just went silent for a while.. Later on I realized what I said actually meant that her daughters didn’t have a good personality n needed some toning!!!  Im sorry aunty I didn’t mean to hurt u but then, dats the fact, I got a decent personality n I see no reason to change / upgrade myself!  Friends think alike and they adore me for that.


Im listening to songs on ma cell, I like this singer – Atif Aslam.. his voice is so different and he makes singing sound so easy.  I didn’t try to sing his songs.. they are better sung by him 🙂

What I mean by saying im back to being Assem is that ive got no work right now ahahahahahhahhhahah  Thanks to the Software Industry – it just works this way.. sometimes u have work otherwise yr sitting idle.  So it feels awkward to do loads o work, n some guys say its abnormal to be idle.. I don’t think being idle is being abnormal, its an art which we guys in IT have perfected heheheehehhehe  I used to tell my family ppl that they should make use of me cos I can do any work in Poona for them and ive got loads of time..  I remember telling my cousin whod come from Canada that, generally im free, sometimes I do have work & she was at a loss of words, she said she didn’t imagine people could stay with sooo much time,.. cos Canada is a place where time is money.. not that India isn’t such a place.. but people are much more lazy in the sub continent for sure.


Hmm I guess this sums up the post for today Bye for now ~

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I got my license back

Im relieved, I finally got my hands to my license.  Im a bit too possessive about my things & da license is an imp document.  I had to pay a 100 Rs fine to get it back, which was not too much but yet its bad.  Ill make sure it never happens again 🙂 I wasn’t able to sleep properly last night, maybe cos I was constantly thinking abt it – Im crazy! The moment my license was taken, I was asking the police man to keep my license safely & if I find any damage done to the license Ill not leave em.  The sincere n humble policeman told me I can file a case against him and go to the court in case I feel that my license was damaged / misplaced or whatever.  Thank God I got it back, its actually good for the police!

I do talk a lot n my mom tells me im too blunt, but I don’t like to gossip, id speak up if theres some problem, im not the one who wud shy away from a problem fearing his life.  So I think its cool to be frank and open about yr opinions.  But ya im not at all open / frank abt my emotions, I dnt cry, rather I don’t wana let ppl that I cry.  Every1s unique on earth n I guess we all have ur own ways of dealing with life.  I enjoy my life daily and every1 around me loves me a lot!  So im not gonna change 😉 Hmm Im happy now that ive got my licence !!! & ya ive got the fresh PUC as well.. it’s a pollution Under Control Certificate which u get for a period of 6 mths validity n pay 30 Rs to get it.  My earlier PUC expired long time back n I was carrying that so I got caught.  It’s a lesson learnt n will be applied Inshallah.

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Lifes been hectic

  Hmm lots o things going on in my daily routine, so ive been pretty busy these days.  Work @ office just doesnt seem to get over and im planning to shift to a new place so im getting things reanovated out there and I gotta look after that as well.  Amongst all this the police confiscated my license and i gotta pay a 100 Rs fine to get it back 😦  This has never happened in the last 8 yrs, so im a bit disappointed this time.  The reason for it was that the PUC (Pollution Contrl Certificate) certificate that I had had expired!  Im going to get my license back today, wish me luck friends ~

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Why dont i write that often?

Why dont i write that often on my blog?  Well what I used to do earlier was dat Id write something in Word / notepad and later on copy-paste it to the blog..  I did this cos i felt i wudnt be doing justice to da post – what if i left something i wanted to write?? i knw i can edit it but then its better to write a complete 1!!

Hmm this time i aint doin that & i guess Ive pretty much made up my mind to start bloggin daily.. Lets see how long i can do dat:)

Ive made some interesting friends on the blog & id like to see that they stay in touch thru their precious comments 🙂

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Today was surprisingly cold, and it felt like the old Poona ive was so used to.  Its April n its getting hot in the afternoon like mad, but today the weather kinda changed completely & as usual the met dept didn’t give us a clue abt it.  This is the way Poona used to be but since the Tsunami things have changed drastically, earlier the avg rainfall in Poona was 400 mm n for the last 3 yrs its been raining more than 1000 mm.  Summers have got hotter n dry.  I feel like im in an alien world – Coz this isn’t wht im used to.

Office guys r planning for a picnic this weekend or the next, lets hope we get a good weather then n get to njoy!

Im feeling like im on a high today, its one of those days when u feel alls going perfect!  I was zipping ma bike on the roads in camp area, & trust me it’s the best thing u can do early in the morning – No traffic n a beautiful weather, wow! I sure did enjoy that.  Maybe I say that cos Poona has the highest no of 2-wheelers in the world!! n when u get an empty road, it feels like heaven 🙂

I guess the same applies to everyone around the world, people love the place they’ve been born n brought up in, & although I wasn’t born n Poona, my familys been here for the last 4 generations, so I do have a strong connection with this city – I SIMPLY LOVE IT.  I love the area I stay in cos, ive seen other places in India n abroad, bt my conclusion is that Camp is THE most convenient place on this planet cos u can get anything here, or rather all that u get here is just too good.  Im indicating abt the food majorly!  Seekh kababs, burgers, shawarmas, chicken rolls.hmmm ice creams, faloodas, I can go on forever.  & the best part is that I know all about where to get what at which time !  haha well im a total foodie n im used to having delicious food, I read on a blog some guy in Pakistan eats Seekhs with Biryani… & ppl were commenting like “hey what a strange combination” & all bt then that suites me.  That’s what I like, & I guess ppl like me will not mind having Seekhs with anything, if its biryani, wow its all the more better, & ive tried it several times, I njoy it.

Well in short Poona does rock if u live here, and Id invite all the bloggy frnds to Poona, Im sure u wont be disappointed!

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