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Today was surprisingly cold, and it felt like the old Poona ive was so used to.  Its April n its getting hot in the afternoon like mad, but today the weather kinda changed completely & as usual the met dept didn’t give us a clue abt it.  This is the way Poona used to be but since the Tsunami things have changed drastically, earlier the avg rainfall in Poona was 400 mm n for the last 3 yrs its been raining more than 1000 mm.  Summers have got hotter n dry.  I feel like im in an alien world – Coz this isn’t wht im used to.

Office guys r planning for a picnic this weekend or the next, lets hope we get a good weather then n get to njoy!

Im feeling like im on a high today, its one of those days when u feel alls going perfect!  I was zipping ma bike on the roads in camp area, & trust me it’s the best thing u can do early in the morning – No traffic n a beautiful weather, wow! I sure did enjoy that.  Maybe I say that cos Poona has the highest no of 2-wheelers in the world!! n when u get an empty road, it feels like heaven 🙂

I guess the same applies to everyone around the world, people love the place they’ve been born n brought up in, & although I wasn’t born n Poona, my familys been here for the last 4 generations, so I do have a strong connection with this city – I SIMPLY LOVE IT.  I love the area I stay in cos, ive seen other places in India n abroad, bt my conclusion is that Camp is THE most convenient place on this planet cos u can get anything here, or rather all that u get here is just too good.  Im indicating abt the food majorly!  Seekh kababs, burgers, shawarmas, chicken rolls.hmmm ice creams, faloodas, I can go on forever.  & the best part is that I know all about where to get what at which time !  haha well im a total foodie n im used to having delicious food, I read on a blog some guy in Pakistan eats Seekhs with Biryani… & ppl were commenting like “hey what a strange combination” & all bt then that suites me.  That’s what I like, & I guess ppl like me will not mind having Seekhs with anything, if its biryani, wow its all the more better, & ive tried it several times, I njoy it.

Well in short Poona does rock if u live here, and Id invite all the bloggy frnds to Poona, Im sure u wont be disappointed!

April 2, 2008 Posted by | India | 10 Comments

Food in poona

Food is the essence of our lives and for a person like me its gotta be lavish.  Ive spent my teens in camp area of Poona, which houses lots of eating joints and yes Ive been to all of them.  So now I know what to expect where and at what time.  Most of the times while passing by these joints I stop over and take a parcel to satisfy my binge. 

These are the places I visit often

Radio Hotel – Seekh Kabab

Olympia – Kati Kabab

Hite Bar – Shawarma & Burgers

Opp JJ Garden – Wada Pav

Bund Garden – Bhel

Moej (Koregaon Park) – irani food

Poona Cold Drink – Falooda

Blue Nile resaurant – tandoori chicken

Any one who is in Poona and likes food, my advise is eat in camp, cos it’s the best.  U get maharashtrian thali and good veg food on JM Rd and FC Rd, but then seekh aur burger ke saamne ye kidhar tikege? 

September 21, 2007 Posted by | India | 8 Comments

India – Is it really that good?

I am very happy that I’m an Indian, and so is everyone else.  We have a huge population that is spread over and is extremely diverse, so there is a varied skill and tradition mix.  We have had great leaders, sports-persons, businessmen, scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. People from all fields have excelled around the world and made a mark of our country.  Every year the stats for the richest include more Indians, and the number of “billionaire-Indians” is growing rapidly.  Everyone knows the potential we have in the IT Industry and how well we are doing in that area – I don’t need to elaborate on that.

Having said all these rosy things about India, I wonder whether we actually are a great country?   I mean that’s what everyone feels and that’s what everyone says – India is the best!  Is it so?  I think India is the best for Indians because we stay here, this is our land and it was snatched away by the Englishmen and now that we have got it back we feel a sense of pride to be an Indian.  What I mean to say is that India is mighty well good for us Indians, but it’s not the best – we need to work hard to achieve that.

The Americans are more diverse that us geographically, the Europeans have more number of billionaires, the Japanese & Germans have better engineers, the Australians are better in all sports that India plays.  Come on where is India in the world?? Its not standing tall, and I’m sorry to say that, we need to work hard and we will be there, but we are not there yet. That’s the point.

We need to “Chak de India”.

September 19, 2007 Posted by | India | 9 Comments