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Windows blues

Computers have brought a revolution in our lives today, everything is possible now, and we keep waiting for the next version which will obviously be better.  The Commodores were awesome, but they hardly lasted for a while then came the processor led comps – 386, 486, 586 and eventually the Pentium series and the AMD procs.  But what we used as kids was the interface and that was Microsoft’s Windows.  WOW what a creation! I mean the programmers must be so damn satisfied with whatever they’ve punched in, cos the entire world is using their application.

But yet there’s lot said against Microsoft and Bill Gates, come on he is the richest guy alive, so jealousy and bureaucracy will prevail and the skeptics will always be ready to have their say.  I vividly remember the first time I saw Bill Gates on TV, and I kept imagining about his accomplishments and how he must’ve created Microsoft and built everything around it.  He was the richest man on earth then and today after 14 yrs he is yet the richest man alive.  I simply adore this guy for his achievements and applaud him for giving us this wonderful tool (Windows) to help us use the computer.

People say that Linux is better, cos its faster and there are less no of chances that yr comp will get affected by a virus.  Hold on, how many ppl are using linux @ home / office?  Quite less compared to Windows, right?  Then why the heck would a virus be created for Linux users, when a Windows Virus can affect a bigger lot?  There are viruses for Linux as well, Trojans and all, but not as many as for Windows, so that means even Linux is prone to viruses, its just that not many viruses have been created for it.  I really don’t understand the mentality of some people when they say that Windows is nearing its end, now only Linux will prevail!  Ironically these are the same people who learnt the ABC of computers on Windows, cos when they were kids they couldn’t even install Linux!  The first time I installed Linux Red Hat on my system, I must say I was impressed by its features, more so becos it was different than Windows and we have a tendency to like all that’s different/new and whether or not its good, we automatically feel as if it’s the best thing on earth and that we are damn lucky to be using it.  Well I got linux uninstalled soon and the craze died and im back to using Windows J

I didn’t comment on the MAC, ohh im so sorry, it’s another technology marvel and I love the technology at Apple, its awesome.  I love technology and the macs are something like a prized possession, but then again, hardly any users for it, most of them are people who don’t know what a computer is and they go to a comp store and ask for a computer and the sales guy hands over the latest MAC available!

Long post? but I just put in 5 mins for this one J

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Money matters

I often wonder why people always worry for money. I mean, people who already have enough to live in good style need not need to worry so much about it right? But then everyone just keeps thinking about loss and profit in everything and I don’t like to do that. Not that I’m rich, its just that I’ve lived a different kind of life in my childhood and that helps me today, cos I feel I’m more mature in my thinking than most of the elders around who according to all are supposed to be wise! I’m not saying that I know everything, but just that people worry too much for money – and that’s not me for sure. More than worrying and being a miser, people should live generously and manage their finances, rather than eating the head of the fruit seller to lower the price by 2 Rs. By taking tension people also have the risk of ruining their blood-pressure levels and obviously that means medical expenses! So live life to enjoy and make the most of each day, I believe the youth today has got that attitude and the current generation will help us get over that “kanjoos” syndrome. I do agree that most people in India do not have all the resources to live lavishly and hence they can’t afford to live a life without worrying about money. But then if they do well in their work area, and are hard-working, loyal and dedicated then they will be successful soon and then they can live a life with much less worries. Also exposure to the outside world is very important, we need to know that this is an age of billionaires and we need not worry to save that 1 Re. We wont get there by nagging and wasting our energies in bargaining and ultimately buying cheap and sub-standard stuff. That’s the reason we don’t get good quality things here, people want cheap stuff, no one bothers for quality, so wake up people, look for the best amongst the rest. Having said all that, I think we all need to be grounded and humbly accept the fact that we were a nation troubled by the Britishers and these are the after-effects of the “ghulami” our ancestors were put into. So what we can do or rather what we should be doing is help others, and stay positive-minded and not worry about trivial matters too much, no fights in the house for money, no love lost amongst friends for the sake of money, just stay cool, calm and composed and ENJOY!

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Diaries V/s Blogs

Id always wanted to have a personal diary… my father and grandfather had one.  I did give it a try once, when I was a kid but it lasted hardly a page.  Probably one of the reasons for me to stop maintaining that diary was that it was accessible to all.  So it wasn’t a “personal diary” anymore.  The blogs that I write aren’t any personal, and I don’t think we can compare a blog to a diary, cos diaries include more emotions and occurrences from our lives which most of us probably wont include in an online blog. Maybe the diary was started to record the day-to-day life, hmm blogs can do the same as well.  There are loads of people who think that there’s nothing such as “personal space” everything’s gotta be out and even if it’s a something to be kept secret, people don’t mind sharing their personal experiences, which at times could be a bit embarrassing to know for family and friends.  I mean what If some guy writes about his first puff and his dad reads it, its ok if he belongs to a broad-minded family, but if he is an anti-cigarette-person like me – He’s gone! But on the other side his dad will know that his son is confessing to fag openly and he would just talk it or hed just be happy and ask him to join him next time onwards.


Well my point is – Is blogging the answer to personal diaries?  Im getting tempted to start writing a diary soon!!!

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