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Ive always been interested in checking out the latest car models & the Hyundai i20 is “THE ONE”.  It looks awesome, has loads of space & is coupled with a variety of features.  Here is a pic for reference  –


Ill dig into this episode that led me towards the i20…
Last week I had gone to a store ( to buy a shoe rack which they had advertised in the newspaper.  I didnt like it at all. It had terrible quality & no wonder they were selling it for 55% off, cos no1 would bother looking @ it otherwise:)
One look @ the sales guys face & I had a hunch that this guy wants a break.  He was pretty silent while I was telling him how they should be focusing on quality.  He seemed like a blackboard to me – completely blank, cos I dont think he knew what quality meant.  Suddenly he said we have another shoe rack on sale & he took me to show that one.  It “seemed” a bit better in quality & had a nice colour.. I was checking it out & this guy suddenly(once again) told me — “So shall I pack this one for you?”  I thought it doesnt look all that bad so I reluctantly said a yes!  Then he said u need to take the box of contents with you & some1 from their store will come home in 2 days to assemble it.  I asked him if it could be assembled there itself, he said it would take 10-15 mins & I didnt have a problem with that, so I said ill wait.  He made a phone call to the guy supposed to assemble this rack, who was sipping tea somewhere outside!!  I told him u make sure to get it ready within 10 mins & Ill come back to pay for it.
Next to this store was the Hyundai Showroom & I wanted to have a peek @ the i20… This is how I landed there 🙂

I was made to sit there for a couple of minutes till a sales exec called me to discuss the car.  She told me the features, the price & availability but when I asked for a brochure she said they are out of stock, “cos every1 comes & takes the brochure..” all I can say is it’s a bad idea to keep anything for free in India.  After some discussion we went to see the car model… I felt amazing to sit inside this vehicle, I must say its extremely comfy in there:)  the dashboard looked huge & the controls for the AC & CD player looked a bit confusing to me, the gear box was tiny & didnt look all that good to me.  I sat in the rear seats & these were spacious with the split folding seats @ the rear it made lots of sense as a family car.  The boot was striking cos they had kept 4 bags in there!! Thats a lot of luggage space in a hatch back, probably the best. the steering looked very good to me & the LED displays looked hi-tech..  The sales exec was making sure I see the Hyundai logo on the LED display 🙂  I liked the door handling but the boot was a bit scary cos it jumped up like a “jack in the box” & I feel it might hurt some1 who opens it for the 1st time.  I didnt take a test drive cos I had to pick up the shoe rack & rush for Asar.  I was pretty happy to have a look @ the car I like & I thanked the sales exec & asked her to call me for a test drive when she has the brochure ready.  She thanked me & gave me a price list of the various versions.

Back to the store –
I thought these guys must be waiting for me since long, but unfortunately 2 guys were struggling to assemble a shoe rack!!  I started assisting them with it & showed them how its gotta be done.. they kept looking @ the manual & then tried to find a way to fix it up, but then followed what I was saying.  One of them went away abruptly & the other fellow was taking ages to move his hands.  I was loosing my patience – to top it the work was just half way thru. I dont know what came to my mind.. I just told him to forget it & I left the store without the shoe rack & I was happy cos I could reach in time for my Asar prayers!!

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Ramazan has its own charm & the most lovely part of this month is the barkat that Allah showers on all. There is abundance of food which is extremely tasty, we get the best of the fruits in this month & iftaar is simply fantastic @ home. Thinking of iftaar, Im reminded of burgers !!! couple of outlets in poona where we get awsome ones are :

Hite Bar

Burger King

Burger barn

try any of the above & youll go back again.. its simply too good 😉

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