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Its Friday & Im looking forward to the weekend!  I don’t know what im going to do apart from attending a family get-together… atleast I will be relaxing @ home for 2 days J

The weather looks awesome in Poona, its ideal for a long drive somewhere near the greentop hills.  I don’t think that’s happening considering the condition of my back.. aaarghhh it pains a lot more not getting to go out L

Ive been watching a lot of TV serials in the last month .. only in the evenings & now I understand why people are depressed – its because of the crap they show on TV.  Women stare @ each other for half an hour & then start crying for another half n hr.. 1 episodes gone then wait for the next which will show the other women cry….. its maddening & I have no doubt that all people watching such stupid serials are depressed & need a psychologist to get them distracted from it.  Just for information im not watching the serials its my family.. & I have to run away from the house when that happens cos I cant stand these serials.

I had written a post some time back on the news channels to highlight what kind of knowledge we are getting due to the substandard reporting & journalism.  Well the serials are even worse.  This reminds me of the dialogue I had told to a young girl who wanted to decide which college was best suited for her & she had just 2 options, I told her college A is bad & college B is worse 😉

Well same applies for the news channels & serials I guess !!!


Happy weekend to all


Smiling Khan.

August 7, 2009 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 3 Comments