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In the back of my mind I have been thinking of writing a book & I sort of have an idea what its gonna be about. Inshallah I will start soon. “Soon” for me can be either today or next year… yeah im quite a lazy person unless there is something that interests me I dont budge easily 😦 But I promise I will complete this book that I have thought of penning down.. I wonder where to write it?? how do authors write such big fat books I truly have no idea. Ill use my own style for that & I sure will use some humor. If I tell my friends & family that Im gonna write a book, theyll pass it off as a joke!! Honestly the idea behind writing this book is to complete the unfinished job my dad had done.. he had started writing this book but its unfinished.. Rather it just started & thats all.. Hes no more & so is the book… I need to recall what I had read about 12 yrs back. I know it all & Im sure Ill be able to put it across in a good way that my father would have liked – he was a journalist! I know of a few people who have written a book but then every book is unique & so is the author, I hope to complete this book.. not soon though!! Cos im never in a hurry id like to relax & write it in leisure with all my thoughts pouring in with a very peaceful mind.. I guess in 2 years I should be able to compile my first draft.. maybe sooner.. maybe later but in 2 yrs from now I know I would have accomplished a major part of it. Lets wait & watch !!

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Good Morning

Ive written a review on my Nokia N82 phone – I hope it helps people in judging this device before buying it. Its been a hectic week in Poona, everyones talking about the H1N1 swine flu & its a terrible feeling to know that 7 people have lost their lives from the city due to this virus. I hope we are out of this soon & things get normal, cos @ the moment it doesnt seem to be helping the city or the nation. Business is hit all over & people have got this strange doubt on each other regarding this virus & they look with suspicion if anyone coughs. Many people are wearing masks to cover their nose & mouth. All id like to say to everyone is that although swine flu awareness is needed, there is no need to panic and join the publicity propaganda carried out by media and others which acts as a vehicle to spread misconception rather than to spread scientific information.

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Jummah Special


Its Friday & Im looking forward to the weekend!  I don’t know what im going to do apart from attending a family get-together… atleast I will be relaxing @ home for 2 days J

The weather looks awesome in Poona, its ideal for a long drive somewhere near the greentop hills.  I don’t think that’s happening considering the condition of my back.. aaarghhh it pains a lot more not getting to go out L

Ive been watching a lot of TV serials in the last month .. only in the evenings & now I understand why people are depressed – its because of the crap they show on TV.  Women stare @ each other for half an hour & then start crying for another half n hr.. 1 episodes gone then wait for the next which will show the other women cry….. its maddening & I have no doubt that all people watching such stupid serials are depressed & need a psychologist to get them distracted from it.  Just for information im not watching the serials its my family.. & I have to run away from the house when that happens cos I cant stand these serials.

I had written a post some time back on the news channels to highlight what kind of knowledge we are getting due to the substandard reporting & journalism.  Well the serials are even worse.  This reminds me of the dialogue I had told to a young girl who wanted to decide which college was best suited for her & she had just 2 options, I told her college A is bad & college B is worse 😉

Well same applies for the news channels & serials I guess !!!


Happy weekend to all


Smiling Khan.

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