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 We have witnessed a global recession in 2008 & it seems like things might get better in 2009.  The recession fueled many jokes & everyone I met spoke about the recession as if they knew more than the experts.  By the way no expert could predict the recession so there must be no expert in this line, everyone had got their knowledge from the news channels & then by discussing with US returned NRIs, who must be tired of explaining what a sub prime loan is!


I watch the news channels for entertainment & read the newspaper for celebrity updates… but then where do I get the news from?  Google

Trust me it’s the best source of news.

We have 24 hrs news channels which should be called as 20 hrs ad channels because there’s hardly any news & if they get some bit of it, they repeat it for 4 hrs

I’ve noticed that the best news channel is DD News!!

Please watch it if you want to hear the news and nothing else, but let me tell u  if u start watching DD News you wont be part of the bunch of self imposed “knowledgeable” people.  So please think & choose, all the best 🙂

June 5, 2009 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 2 Comments