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When I first saw a blog site, I felt Blogging is really interesting, especially when you write regularly.  U gain friends in followers & the comments are something to look forward to.  Also I always wanted to write a diary but then never could even start with it.  So I took up blogging, unfortunately I haven’t been regular L but it seems my interest has been revoked and Im inspired to blog daily by the one & only Big B – Amitabh Bachan.  One of my friend showed me the link & I rubbished it off cos I never thought BigB would write a blog himself – I told him some of his assistant must be writing & im sure it never gets updated.  But u got to see it to believe it –

This doesn’t seem to be an assistants job…. & it gets updated daily.. for the last 1 yr or more.  I know its sort of commercialized cos the company pays him to blog it seems so.

He does it for money..hmm ya but he himself does the typing, which is very rare in hindi film stars, cos they are groomed to be uneducated!!

Anyways I like the blog & I do keep reading the posts & I did comment once as well.

Im  a big fan of Amitabh Bachans movies from the 1970s.. not after that.


A big HI to all visiting this post J Keep blogging !

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