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Am I a demented Pathan?

I have a hunch that I am crack, haha that’s wht my friends tell me.  Im just trying to figure out whether the cause for this is the Pathan gene.. cos if it is then I need not worry, infact id be happy!

Atleast I have retained some of the gene pool.


Sounds crazy, right? Ya but then that’s how its supposed to be.. Hmm for people who don’t understand, don’t waste your time trying to understand this.


Part of my craziness can be described as childish, cos most of the time im fooling around, making fun of frnds & mimicking guys in office.   Sounds funny?  try mimicking yr Manager in front of the whole team 😉 Ive done that & he wanted me to to it once more cos he liked it.  Ive done the same in college with the professors who were a bit embarrassed cos I was making fun of them – sorry guys, don’t mind it cos u did deserve it !


Apart from the childish nature there are times which make me take a decision instantaneously & I feel pretty confident about that. At times I just feel nothing will go wrong ever.  But such a world / life doesn’t exist & I know that.  Ive come across a lot of people in the last 27 yrs of my life & they have been pretty diverse.  What I did observe in most of them which was strikingly different from myself was that they follow what the world does.  I mean they have a fear of taking their own decisions cos they aren’t confident enuf. Also many people just become a log in the river kind & do what others are doing without thinking for a second.  I don’t feel that’s right all the time, I mean ok u can do things like going for a well known brand of car cos yr neighbour got it, but u need not go & get the offer he got in a mall for a product u don’t need.  Surprisingly most people do this & feel they are pretty smart.  May Allah guide them cos they are the most foolish people around.

Did I just prove that Pathans are crazy but not fools?? WOW J

March 16, 2009 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 1 Comment