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Whats been going on since the partition is extremely sad.  Both sides are to blame for but Pakistan have been frustrating for India more than India being for Pak.   The problem is that they have a feeling Kashmir was snatched away forcefully cos @ the time of partition Kashmir wanted to be independent & India forced them to join India.  Now Pak has got 1/3 of Kashmir, China has got 1/3 & the rest is a mess with the military living around some handful of residents!  The recent elections in J & K have silenced the Paki media.. Which is unknown in India, but I feel it must be as rubbish & full of crap as in India, so I don’t care what the media feels / portrays.


What I do feel bad is the government of Pak, is always lying.  Islamic Republic of Pakistan?? I guess its time for a change in name.. “Napaak”-istan yahi sahi naam hai in logo ke liye.  Their military is a terrorist organization.. Nothing less than Israel / USA.

Lashkar, Hizbul, ISI, Dawood, Jamaat ud daava.. etc.. this is the Pak military.. sick isn’t it?

& the ministers are saying we are prepared for war & all Pakistanis will fight till their last breath… are u gone nuts u foolish creatures? WAR will only destroy & it will destroy Pakistan completely & India to some extend.  Pak has got to get bombed this time it seems like they want it now… Indias ManMohan Singh is too mild a person to lead a country like India.  Which is even more frustating for the youth like me.. cos I feel a professor is the leader of my country.. how the hell can he save us???

Indian army has done its part in increasing the hatred amongst the Pakistanis by killing the innocent youth from Kashmir & claiming them to be Terrorists.. Also by sheltering Modi, Advani, Bal Thackerey, RSS, VHP.. etc, we cant expect Pak to release Dawood & Masood Azhar.  I believe in justice.. “Akbar style”  koi bi galat ho usko pakadna chahiye.. This means India has to gear up to get rid of these villains & say look Pak we are getting rid of them so now yr turn…. This insanity of goonda raj has to end.  Otherwise people like me.. when we lose our jobs(due to recession) will create a “Krantikari group”  & get rid of all the villains..  Do something someone & fast.

December 30, 2008 - Posted by | Miscellaneous


  1. Hey Assemm, you are not being fair to professors man ! Even Obama was on the Harvard law faculty. Professors in fact can retain their objectivity when others dont.

    Nice post though, we really have lost a lot of moral ground by electing guys like Modi and allowing the RSS to thrive. But that doesnt mean Pak can shelter those terrorists.

    Comment by Vikram | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hahha guess what.. my grand dad was a principal & my dad was a professor .. I dont mind them leading the country but ManMohan isnt fit to be a leader of India thats what im saying. Besides im not saying that if we shelter Modi & Advani Pak can shelter Dawood.. Im saying it just gives them a reason to do so.

    Comment by Assem | December 31, 2008 | Reply

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