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Khuda ki kasam

“Khuda ki kasam, hum mohabbat ke dushman nahi hai, magar apne usoolo ke ghulam hai” this dialogue from Mughal-e-Azam is my favourite.. it depicts the character of Akbar. Its not easy to be a person like Akbar.. I appreciate the way he stood by his principles. Some other dialogues from the classic film are : “Anarkali, Salim ki mohabbat tumhe marne nahin degi aur hum tumhe jeene nahin…” I like this one a lot as well – Shahensha Akbar – “Hamara Hindustan koi tumhara dil nahin hai laundi jispar hukumat kare ” Shehzada Salim – “Toh mera dil bhi aapka Hindusthan nahin hai, jo aap uspar hukumat kare” The intensity between Dilip Kumar & Prithvi Raj Kapoor is amazing.. especially the scene in which Madhubala faints in Salims arms when Akbar sees them both together, theres no dialogue said but the direction is so marvelous that a lot is said just by the expressions of the actors, thats something to learn from for the current breed of directors who are completely crap. This film was an epic and will remain so forever.. cant beat the hardwork & efforts put in by everyone for more than a decade just for 1 film!!

September 18, 2008 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 1 Comment