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Typical Software Engineer

Ive been working as a software engineer for the last 4 years and what ive noticed is that most of us have common ideas.  We all prefer to do a survey on the net n then go out to the market!  If were going to some new place, we use google maps to find out the route~ Basically we rely on the net to give us a picture of what we are going in for.. guess what, it does help a lot.  Theres practically everything on the net these days… if u don’t find it on wikipedia, its gonna be there on some1s blog..  even the local marwadi kirana walas info is there on the net.. aur kya chahiye. Just keep googling and youll get a lotta info.. I do read a lot on the net and I keep telling my sister what I read n share the knowledge (atleast I feel I get wiser when I read something 😉 ) She thought ive started to take interest in reading books !!! & she gifted me a 1000 Rs voucher of a popular bookstore.  I somehow managed to find a remote controlled car in that budget!  She told me im crazy to buy a toy from a bookstore n I said she was crazy to think id buy something to read..  My grand-dad was a principal of Anglo Urdu school in Poona and my dad was a journalist @ Khaleej Times.. so I do have a legacy which should make me read.. I don’t read novels, only the newspaper (for a couple of hrs) and some technology magazines / readers digest.  But I do read extensively on the net… ive read a lot about the Mughals and Tipu Sultan and about Afghanistan.  I love these topics.. just keep getting more n more info everytime I read it!  Getting back to the topic.. what I meant to say is that most software guys are typical stereotypes .. at times mechanical. Its very common for us to use a calc for doing 2*2 it happens all the time.  Ive also tried to use the search option while reading the news paper, especially when it’s a huge topic~


Hmm but theres nothing wrong in it, its funny & can seem stupid to people from other professions.  Ab aise hi hai bhai kya kare !

July 28, 2008 - Posted by | Miscellaneous


  1. It’s nice to have many people working on the net these days – My life has got much more simple with the population shifted to the internet. I have been to railway station close to my work place a few times now for booking tickets. Guess What? I was either the third or the first person on the queue & I got the tickets at the blink of an eye. I pay just the basic amount required to spend. Now in some countries you can buy things on the net really cheap. It’s good there as you get things on the net at $2 which would otherwise cost you $15 at the stores. That can be termed as smart buying. But here in India you buy from rediff sites and the products you get are defective pieces (I have had two bad experiences and I stopped at that). I like the way I get to interact with different kinds of people I get to see at the shops or at the counters. Would like to really hear about good experiences you had on the net apart from that of gathering information.

    Comment by BullaKiJanaMeinKaun | January 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thx for bumpin into my blog, hmm the good experience I had on the net was paying all my bills…. which avoided my gng to the offices to drop in the cheques 🙂

    Comment by assemkhan | January 9, 2009 | Reply

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