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I got my license back

Im relieved, I finally got my hands to my license.  Im a bit too possessive about my things & da license is an imp document.  I had to pay a 100 Rs fine to get it back, which was not too much but yet its bad.  Ill make sure it never happens again 🙂 I wasn’t able to sleep properly last night, maybe cos I was constantly thinking abt it – Im crazy! The moment my license was taken, I was asking the police man to keep my license safely & if I find any damage done to the license Ill not leave em.  The sincere n humble policeman told me I can file a case against him and go to the court in case I feel that my license was damaged / misplaced or whatever.  Thank God I got it back, its actually good for the police!

I do talk a lot n my mom tells me im too blunt, but I don’t like to gossip, id speak up if theres some problem, im not the one who wud shy away from a problem fearing his life.  So I think its cool to be frank and open about yr opinions.  But ya im not at all open / frank abt my emotions, I dnt cry, rather I don’t wana let ppl that I cry.  Every1s unique on earth n I guess we all have ur own ways of dealing with life.  I enjoy my life daily and every1 around me loves me a lot!  So im not gonna change 😉 Hmm Im happy now that ive got my licence !!! & ya ive got the fresh PUC as well.. it’s a pollution Under Control Certificate which u get for a period of 6 mths validity n pay 30 Rs to get it.  My earlier PUC expired long time back n I was carrying that so I got caught.  It’s a lesson learnt n will be applied Inshallah.

July 24, 2008 - Posted by | Miscellaneous

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