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Typical Software Engineer

Ive been working as a software engineer for the last 4 years and what ive noticed is that most of us have common ideas.  We all prefer to do a survey on the net n then go out to the market!  If were going to some new place, we use google maps to find out the route~ Basically we rely on the net to give us a picture of what we are going in for.. guess what, it does help a lot.  Theres practically everything on the net these days… if u don’t find it on wikipedia, its gonna be there on some1s blog..  even the local marwadi kirana walas info is there on the net.. aur kya chahiye. Just keep googling and youll get a lotta info.. I do read a lot on the net and I keep telling my sister what I read n share the knowledge (atleast I feel I get wiser when I read something 😉 ) She thought ive started to take interest in reading books !!! & she gifted me a 1000 Rs voucher of a popular bookstore.  I somehow managed to find a remote controlled car in that budget!  She told me im crazy to buy a toy from a bookstore n I said she was crazy to think id buy something to read..  My grand-dad was a principal of Anglo Urdu school in Poona and my dad was a journalist @ Khaleej Times.. so I do have a legacy which should make me read.. I don’t read novels, only the newspaper (for a couple of hrs) and some technology magazines / readers digest.  But I do read extensively on the net… ive read a lot about the Mughals and Tipu Sultan and about Afghanistan.  I love these topics.. just keep getting more n more info everytime I read it!  Getting back to the topic.. what I meant to say is that most software guys are typical stereotypes .. at times mechanical. Its very common for us to use a calc for doing 2*2 it happens all the time.  Ive also tried to use the search option while reading the news paper, especially when it’s a huge topic~


Hmm but theres nothing wrong in it, its funny & can seem stupid to people from other professions.  Ab aise hi hai bhai kya kare !

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Im back to being Assem!

Finally ive got back to being the person I was..  now I got time !!! for all frnds family everyone, it was nice to be busy for a while and people in my family couldn’t understand why I didn’t get time all of a sudden – well I was busy with office work that’s it but its unusal for me and more so for the people around me, specially my family.  My mom can understand but the others.. well its ok they never thot id ever get busy 🙂 haha strange na, I am like that, I do what I want when I want.  I cant be dictated / commanded.. so its good im not in the army, sab gadbad ho jata nahi to.

Ive resolved to write smaller posts of late, but ill write something interesting soon, nothing sensational just some plain n simple posts, which are extremely glamorous haha just kidding.  I am frank n I say what I feel is right n ive never been wrong so far.  Once my aunt told me her daughters were going for a personality development class so even I should be going to 1. She said it brought a lotta change in her daughters n she felt itll help me as well.  I was a kid then, but I told her “Your daughters need a personality development class, but I dont” – she just went silent for a while.. Later on I realized what I said actually meant that her daughters didn’t have a good personality n needed some toning!!!  Im sorry aunty I didn’t mean to hurt u but then, dats the fact, I got a decent personality n I see no reason to change / upgrade myself!  Friends think alike and they adore me for that.


Im listening to songs on ma cell, I like this singer – Atif Aslam.. his voice is so different and he makes singing sound so easy.  I didn’t try to sing his songs.. they are better sung by him 🙂

What I mean by saying im back to being Assem is that ive got no work right now ahahahahahhahhhahah  Thanks to the Software Industry – it just works this way.. sometimes u have work otherwise yr sitting idle.  So it feels awkward to do loads o work, n some guys say its abnormal to be idle.. I don’t think being idle is being abnormal, its an art which we guys in IT have perfected heheheehehhehe  I used to tell my family ppl that they should make use of me cos I can do any work in Poona for them and ive got loads of time..  I remember telling my cousin whod come from Canada that, generally im free, sometimes I do have work & she was at a loss of words, she said she didn’t imagine people could stay with sooo much time,.. cos Canada is a place where time is money.. not that India isn’t such a place.. but people are much more lazy in the sub continent for sure.


Hmm I guess this sums up the post for today Bye for now ~

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I got my license back

Im relieved, I finally got my hands to my license.  Im a bit too possessive about my things & da license is an imp document.  I had to pay a 100 Rs fine to get it back, which was not too much but yet its bad.  Ill make sure it never happens again 🙂 I wasn’t able to sleep properly last night, maybe cos I was constantly thinking abt it – Im crazy! The moment my license was taken, I was asking the police man to keep my license safely & if I find any damage done to the license Ill not leave em.  The sincere n humble policeman told me I can file a case against him and go to the court in case I feel that my license was damaged / misplaced or whatever.  Thank God I got it back, its actually good for the police!

I do talk a lot n my mom tells me im too blunt, but I don’t like to gossip, id speak up if theres some problem, im not the one who wud shy away from a problem fearing his life.  So I think its cool to be frank and open about yr opinions.  But ya im not at all open / frank abt my emotions, I dnt cry, rather I don’t wana let ppl that I cry.  Every1s unique on earth n I guess we all have ur own ways of dealing with life.  I enjoy my life daily and every1 around me loves me a lot!  So im not gonna change 😉 Hmm Im happy now that ive got my licence !!! & ya ive got the fresh PUC as well.. it’s a pollution Under Control Certificate which u get for a period of 6 mths validity n pay 30 Rs to get it.  My earlier PUC expired long time back n I was carrying that so I got caught.  It’s a lesson learnt n will be applied Inshallah.

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Lifes been hectic

  Hmm lots o things going on in my daily routine, so ive been pretty busy these days.  Work @ office just doesnt seem to get over and im planning to shift to a new place so im getting things reanovated out there and I gotta look after that as well.  Amongst all this the police confiscated my license and i gotta pay a 100 Rs fine to get it back 😦  This has never happened in the last 8 yrs, so im a bit disappointed this time.  The reason for it was that the PUC (Pollution Contrl Certificate) certificate that I had had expired!  Im going to get my license back today, wish me luck friends ~

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