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Today was surprisingly cold, and it felt like the old Poona ive was so used to.  Its April n its getting hot in the afternoon like mad, but today the weather kinda changed completely & as usual the met dept didn’t give us a clue abt it.  This is the way Poona used to be but since the Tsunami things have changed drastically, earlier the avg rainfall in Poona was 400 mm n for the last 3 yrs its been raining more than 1000 mm.  Summers have got hotter n dry.  I feel like im in an alien world – Coz this isn’t wht im used to.

Office guys r planning for a picnic this weekend or the next, lets hope we get a good weather then n get to njoy!

Im feeling like im on a high today, its one of those days when u feel alls going perfect!  I was zipping ma bike on the roads in camp area, & trust me it’s the best thing u can do early in the morning – No traffic n a beautiful weather, wow! I sure did enjoy that.  Maybe I say that cos Poona has the highest no of 2-wheelers in the world!! n when u get an empty road, it feels like heaven 🙂

I guess the same applies to everyone around the world, people love the place they’ve been born n brought up in, & although I wasn’t born n Poona, my familys been here for the last 4 generations, so I do have a strong connection with this city – I SIMPLY LOVE IT.  I love the area I stay in cos, ive seen other places in India n abroad, bt my conclusion is that Camp is THE most convenient place on this planet cos u can get anything here, or rather all that u get here is just too good.  Im indicating abt the food majorly!  Seekh kababs, burgers, shawarmas, chicken rolls.hmmm ice creams, faloodas, I can go on forever.  & the best part is that I know all about where to get what at which time !  haha well im a total foodie n im used to having delicious food, I read on a blog some guy in Pakistan eats Seekhs with Biryani… & ppl were commenting like “hey what a strange combination” & all bt then that suites me.  That’s what I like, & I guess ppl like me will not mind having Seekhs with anything, if its biryani, wow its all the more better, & ive tried it several times, I njoy it.

Well in short Poona does rock if u live here, and Id invite all the bloggy frnds to Poona, Im sure u wont be disappointed!

April 2, 2008 Posted by | India | 10 Comments