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Ive always been interested in cars (most boys are ~ ) I love driving them as well.  As a kid I never drove any car, just watched in awe 🙂 The taxis in Dubai were soo damn cool, I used to stare at the gearboxes n the speedometer, wanting to hold on the steering n ask the cabbie to move out..  Neva happened then 😦

By now I’ve probably visited sites of all the major carmakers in the world, once u join an Software MNC in India that’s wat u do most of the time – surf the net !  So ya I can say that ive learnt a lot on my job, Ive learnt which model no has how much Bhp, n isn’t that a wonderful thing to know!

Nowadays my favt pastime is to ask my family n frnds for a ride in their car, so I get the feel of diffnt cars.  I really do get a high driving these mean machines.. The Skoda Octavia was an awesome experience for me cos I have a 800cc Daewoo..hheheheh  But tht helps in the funny roads of Poona, cos its so small, I can park it at will anywhere n also maneuver it arnd the city, with the way I drive, its tough for me to get stuck up in a traffic jam!!  Infact it was yestday when I was heading towards a bridge, which was jam-packed for abt half a km n somehow I got rt in the middle of it, n that’s when I realized that I shudnt have come upto there (big fool me), what then I took a turn n started to go go back, n all the motorists laughin arnd me said “u wont be able to get outta here, its imposs, stay where u are”.  Wrong thing to say to a Pathan, ofcourse I turned n came out easily err rather to the discomfort of all the others behind me.  Sorry guys!


When u are driving always remember the safety of others is more important than yrself, so take care of others while driving, if u wanna speed, make sure u have good control of the vehicle, brakes n steering r the basics.


So happy driving all, drive safe, Njoy !

March 6, 2008 Posted by | Miscellaneous | 9 Comments