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Ive nothing to do as usual, so Im listening to the songs I have on my cell!  That’s strange for me, cos until a couple of years back, I never was interested in music.  Id stored some songs on my comp, but then I hardly listened to an entire song, probably I didn’t have the patience or I just had better and more interesting options, like playing cricket or flying kites, playing cards !!  When I look in hindsight I feel that im not used to being alone / lonely, Ive always stayed amongst my family people, all my cousins have been around most of the time.  So I think that might have been the reason why I didn’t wanna sit in one place listening to music, cos that’s what Id had to do alone, I never go for movies alone, I don’t like to eat out alone, basically I don’t enjoy alone, Id rather not enjoy if im alone.  Isnt it better to be with friends / relatives ?

Coming back to music, ive taken some interest in music off late, and the reason is that Ive become a “Software Engineer”.  The definition of this term is –  A person, who gets paid for finding new options of doing time pass alone.  There are some “jhingurs” who work hard and keep crying, but I don’t care.  I live to enjoy life and make new friends each day.  So sitting here doing nothing, I started listening to music and started to use Winamp more frequently @ home, honestly Im enjoying it 🙂

I like all types of music that feels good to the ears!  I remember when I was a kid there was a huge craze of MJ after “BAD” released and I saw every1 wearing the BAD Tees, I never heard MJ then though.  I like all MJ tracks, some singers like Aatif Aslam, Mustafa Zahid from Pakistan are too good … I like to listen to Justin Timberlake, Savage garden, Deff Leppard, Sting, Cranberries, Bryan Adams, Enrique Iglasias.  Some Iranian singers like Arash and Afshin(I love “khoshgel”), the oldies are the ones I love as well – Hasan Jahangir, Nazia Hasan, Mohammed Rafi, Abba, Bee Gees…

Lots of songs, and lots of good Music to hear from all around the world and theres hoards of talent out there.  The combination of good beats and meaningful lyrics make a huge impact, obviously the singer is the most important factor.  I don’t regret not listening to music seriously in my childhood, cos I enjoyed a lot anyways.

January 28, 2008 - Posted by | Miscellaneous


  1. Well..there was a time when i was just as restless as you.. I was not interested in movies and sitting for hrs to see matches or movies. I use to play plya and only play…

    But gradually things changed… Movies and Music became an integral part of my life. I loved ROCK music in my wild days (i.e engineering)… I love Rock even now, but not following it like my early days.. nowadays, our bollywood, old rocks songs and eminem rules my mind.

    Comment by nitin | February 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Aseem, how are you doing? Where your blog on ‘Lyrics’? Delete kar dala kya?

    Comment by joyofreadinglinson | December 16, 2009 | Reply

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