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I often wonder why people always worry for money. I mean, people who already have enough to live in good style need not need to worry so much about it right? But then everyone just keeps thinking about loss and profit in everything and I don’t like to do that. Not that I’m rich, its just that I’ve lived a different kind of life in my childhood and that helps me today, cos I feel I’m more mature in my thinking than most of the elders around who according to all are supposed to be wise! I’m not saying that I know everything, but just that people worry too much for money – and that’s not me for sure. More than worrying and being a miser, people should live generously and manage their finances, rather than eating the head of the fruit seller to lower the price by 2 Rs. By taking tension people also have the risk of ruining their blood-pressure levels and obviously that means medical expenses! So live life to enjoy and make the most of each day, I believe the youth today has got that attitude and the current generation will help us get over that “kanjoos” syndrome. I do agree that most people in India do not have all the resources to live lavishly and hence they can’t afford to live a life without worrying about money. But then if they do well in their work area, and are hard-working, loyal and dedicated then they will be successful soon and then they can live a life with much less worries. Also exposure to the outside world is very important, we need to know that this is an age of billionaires and we need not worry to save that 1 Re. We wont get there by nagging and wasting our energies in bargaining and ultimately buying cheap and sub-standard stuff. That’s the reason we don’t get good quality things here, people want cheap stuff, no one bothers for quality, so wake up people, look for the best amongst the rest. Having said all that, I think we all need to be grounded and humbly accept the fact that we were a nation troubled by the Britishers and these are the after-effects of the “ghulami” our ancestors were put into. So what we can do or rather what we should be doing is help others, and stay positive-minded and not worry about trivial matters too much, no fights in the house for money, no love lost amongst friends for the sake of money, just stay cool, calm and composed and ENJOY!

September 27, 2007 - Posted by | 1


  1. My dear money is important. And whether you like it or not it WILL rule our senses and existence forever. And I am all in love with money, the more the merrier!! But yeah I agree with your ‘Kanjoos’ syndrome. I would rather make a lot of money and spend a lot rather than haggle for a few paisas!

    Comment by minaldesai | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for visiting, and I know Money rules the senses and will forever, but Im different, and thats the point i was making here, can everyone live without money? No – But I CAN.

    Comment by assemkhan | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  3. Batter System long gone, how would you manage without Money Aseem.

    Let’s say you have inherited 100-acre ancestral farming land and you know how to grow all kinds of crops from cereals to vegetables and jute and you know how to raise cattle. Lets say you have 100 labourers and you have means to provide for their requirements from the produce of 100-acre land. There’s enough of scrap metal to collect with which you can provide for the farming equipments. You can build your house with coconut leaves and mud. You fall ill and there’s good old Ayurveda at your aid. All fine if you and your 100 labourers are single. If all marry and have kids and say the population grows to 404. Your hut and all that of your labourers do not stand the rains after three years. They need repairs. If they start repairing their homes, farming & cattle get affected. You cannot get in touch with outside world because they will all demand money for services and you do not have it. Our ancestors were right when they thought brick and cement to be better for building a dwelling.

    Ok now let’s think you have no inheritance. Mother nature is there to provide food. Steal it from other’s farms or get it from the jungle. And stay in the caves.

    We humans did a lot to stay away from mosquitoes in the caves and to get things from others, which we cannot manage to get on our own, with money used as exchange. I will not write any more, I keep my writing short so that I am read.

    Comment by Linson Joseph | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  4. Cool life as a farmer, with no electricity and all wow and to top it all no Money, so no problems at all!!! id love to stay like that, haha. In this age, we need money for survival thats true, but what Im saying is that I dont count money, how much i get, how much i spend, i just dont care.

    Comment by assemkhan | September 28, 2007 | Reply

  5. While on Picnic Tour. I saw you bargaining at every shop. I know it’s good. But can you explain your contradiction. I like to hear from you!!!

    Comment by Mohan Marandi | October 31, 2007 | Reply

  6. theres no contradiction man, the problem at that time was i didnt have much cash in my wallet.

    Comment by assemkhan | October 31, 2007 | Reply

  7. This is true for most Indian (not much money in wallet). Recently a little girl stoppped me on my way to office. She was returning home after paying a visit to her Grandmother. She had come to her with the hope of getting some food & money for her family. And the Grandmother turned her back empty stomach & without money. It would quite natural to see people bargaining in the market with such background behind.

    Comment by Mohan Marandi | October 31, 2007 | Reply

  8. I dont understand what yr trying to say… And btw did i bargain at every shop??? I just went to 2 shops and bought things from both of them at the price-tag value

    Comment by assemkhan | October 31, 2007 | Reply

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